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Donate: Ways You Can Make a Difference

Memorials or Commemorative Gifts: Gifts in memory of loved ones, or in appreciation of a special person or deed that has touched your life, can be designated to the Foundation…a creative way to say thank you.

Cash Gifts: Planned contributions may be made payable over a period of years, participate in an annual giving program.

Gift by Bequest: Make provisions for a specific gift in your will; it’s as easy as contacting your attorney.

Gift of Annuity: Gift annuities are created by a simple contract between the donor and the Foundation. The donor is entitled to a tax deduction in the year the annuity is established.

Gifts of Life Insurance: Perhaps you no longer need a life insurance policy – you or your family can donate all or part of the face value of the instrument to the Foundation.

Gifts of Assets: Appreciated assets such as securities or real estate qualify for a charitable deduction of the full fair market value today.

Other Gifts: Give an “in-kind” gift or consider an employee match gift program, etc.

Gifts of all sizes are welcome and have a real and immediate significance in meeting current and future needs. Donations to Hill Top Heritage Foundation are tax deductible. Visit for education tips.

Trailblazer    $500.00 to $999.00

Frontier        $1,000.00 to $4,999.00

Homestead  $5,000.00 to $19,999.00

Pioneer    $20,000.00 to $49,999.00

Heritage  $50,000.00 to $99,999.00

Legacy    $100,000.00 and Over

When you make a donation or pledge your support, you invest in the future. With your help we are able to enhance the wellness of those entrusted to our care and that’s a responsibility we take very serious.

Save now for the future…it is through the generous donations and support received from southwest North Dakota donors and others, we are able to build a strong foundation and hope for a bright future. We invite you to make a donation, today. Unrestricted funds allow us to allocate resources efficiently and where the needs are the greatest.

There are many unique ways to give and we are open to new ideas. Please contact us to arrange a visit, today! We suggest you consult an accountant to discuss the tax implication of your proposed gift.

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